Current Affairs

What is Current Affairs?

Current affairs are a genre of Broadcast Journalism. It is referring to political events and problems in society which are discussed in newspapers, and on television and radio. Recent events happening/happened in the world. It also refers to different fields of news i.e national, international, economy, sports, science and technology, environment.

How to clear and prepare current affairs for the exams?

Usually, Static GK questions asked based on the which year the event happened or about the event happened where. When you start preparing current affairs for the exam, always take notes separately on international, national, sports, science and technology. It will help you to remember and revise easily. Nearly 60% of questions from current affairs will be asked in the section of general studies.

Tips to prepare current affairs:

1. Practice more Current affairs quiz from different website.
2. While you practice quiz for current affairs, always take notes on the questions which you attend, particularly go through all the explanation of the event and the answers.
3. If you face difficulty in learning current affairs, ask for an help from the seniors or from your teachers.
4. I prefer you to prepare current affairs from The Hindu newspaper.
5. You can also refer current affairs from different website.

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